4-axis CNC Drill Sharpener XPS-16+

The Darex XPS-16+ CNC Drill Sharpener can be programmed to sharpen an infinite variety of conical, four-facet, split-point and/or radius split point drills.

The XPS-16+ can sharpen HSS and carbide twist drills from 1/8” to 5/8” diameter, 2” to 8 ¾” long, and point angles of 90 to 150 degrees. In a single set-up the Darex XPS-16+ automatically sizes, aligns, then sharpens the drill and splits the point and can hone the drill’s cutting edges.

The “Grind Motion Control” system monitors load on the grinding wheel; adjusts feed and speed keeping drills cool, diagnostic software alerts operator of potential problems.

Main features:

  • 6 different cutting geometries. Automatic honning of the cutting edge in just one operation.
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance and repair.
  • All customer's drill point geometry data is stored in files.
  • Vacuum grit removal system included.
Description XPS-16+ CNC
Drill types HSS and carbide 2 flutes drill
Point styles Standard, Conic, X and R Point split
Point angle 118º - 150º (1º increment) / 90º optional software
Drill diameter Ø 3 – 16 mm
Drill length 50 – 220 mm
CBN wheel Grain 180 ø 115 mm
Diamond wheel Grain 220 ø 115 mm
Relief 2º - 18º (1º increment)
Web thinning Straight or radius
Material removal selection Min, Med, Max
Memory capacity 30 specific geometries
Power 230V/50 Hz/4 Amp
Rotation speed 2850 rpm
Noise level < 70 dB according to DIN 45635
Size 660x560x305
Weight 52 Kg