The FC 250W provides easy and efficiency in truing and dressing flats, angles, radii and forms on diamond and CBN Wheels and Wheel packages.

  • Cross table with precision linear slide and ball screw for accuracy and long life.
  • Variable speed 1,5 kW motors with HSK 50 spindle or custom spindle.
  • Swiveling dressing unit can be used manual or automatic.
  • Coolant and dust collection system.
  • Heavy duty rotary table pivots on angular contact bearings.
  • Variable speed dressing wheel and the oscillation is adjustable in position,stroke and frequency.
  • Video optical system with 15x-120x zoom magnification and 12" monitor.

Standard Accessories:

  • 2 Machine Light (12V).
  • Coolant System Includes 30 Liter Tank with Paper Filter.
  • Optical Linear Scale with Digital Display Counter (0.001min Increment) X, Z Axis.
  • 2/3" TV Camera with 12" TV Monitor.
  • Microscope with Zoom System for Adjustable from 15~120 Magnification.
Wheel spindle taper HSK50
Max. Diameter Diamond Wheel ø 250mm
Min. Diameter Diamond Wheel ø 30mm
Max. Wheel Width 70mm
Wheel Bore ø 20mm
Wheel Speed 100~1000 rpm (Variable)
Wheel Motor Power 1.5 KW
Wheel Cross Traverse 200mm
Wheel Longitudinal Traverse 140mm
Wheel Radius R0~R20mm
Dressing Wheel (SIC) Ø180 x 25 x 31.75mm
Dressing Wheel Speed 200~2000 rpm
Dressing Wheel Oscillating Speed 3400 mm/min (Variable)
Dressing Wheel Oscillating Stroke 0~70 mm (Variable)
Dressing Wheel Motor Power 0.75 KW
Dressing Wheel Swiveling Speed 360º / min (Variable)