• Heavily ribbed box-type base made in Meehanite casting which is normalized and stress relieved, providing maximum rigidity to assure machine stability and vibration free operation.
  • Wheelhead swings 360º in the horizontal plane and can tilt +15º / -15º.
  • Working table slideways are heat treated and ground with roller ball type guides.
  • Universal workhead positioned on the table as desired and can swivel at any angle both horizontally and vertically. Has a taper nose in each end of the spindle, one with MT no 5 and other with ISO 50.
  • Manual tailstock mounted on the working table.
Swing over table 250 mm
Distance between centers 700 mm
Distance between tailstock & workhead 580 mm
Nose taper in workhead CM n. 5
“T” slot on table (one) 14,3 mm
Working surface (table) 135 x 940 mm
Grinding wheel spindle 2600 - 3700 - 6200 rpm
Grinding wheel spindle motor 1 HP
Longitudinal movement of table 400 mm
Cross movement of saddle 250 mm
Tabel swivel movement + - 60º
Table graduation for taper + - 10º
Vertical movement for wheelhead 250 mm
Wheelhead swivel +/ - 360º
Wheelhead tilts + - 15º
Required space floor 1550 x 1735 mm
Net weight 900 Kg