• Saw blade grinding machine
  • Simply shift between straight tooth type (A) and curved tooth type (B)
  • High-low teeth accomplished by one pass. The teeth height difference IS adjustable
  • Teeth chamfering is easily made without need to replace the grinding wheel and in one clamping
  • Tooth profiles: A-B-BW-C
Saw blade capacity Ø50-Ø450 mm
Pitch range Max. 25 mm
Depth of teeth Max. 8 mm
Cutting angle range -5º / 30º
Feeding speed 45-180 teeth/min
Saw blade thickness Max. 8 mm
Grinding wheel diameter Ø75 - Ø150 mm
Grinding wheel bore Ø25 mm
Grinding wheel motor 0,55 kW
Grinding wheel speed 4200 rpm
Driving motor 0,37 kW
Dust suction motor 0,37 kW
Net weight 130 Kg
Gross weight 180 Kg
Packing size (W x H x D) 800 x 1410 x 800 mm