• High rigidity wheel spindle rotates in grease packed precision class 7 angular contact ball bearings. Spindle, couplings and spindle motor are precisely balanced for low vibration and powerful output to achieve grinding accuracy and superb finishes.
  • Vertical movement (Y-axis) massive one-piece cast column is heavily ribbed for rigidity. Wheelhead travels on the high precision linear slide ways by precision baIlscrew and servomotor drive from the column top, thus ensures high accurate dowwnfeed, manual control of the Y-axis by conveniently situated MPG.
  • Cross movement (Z-axis) High grade Meehanite cast iron is used for bed, saddle and major units. Saddle operates on hydrostatic, precisely hand scraped, and Turcite coated double V slideways by a precision balIscrew and AC inverter that allows criss-cross grinding for better surface finish.
  • Hydraulic power pack with cooling fan unit ensures accuracy and the smoothest movement of the table, and avoids possible deflection from heat.
  • Table movement (X-axis): Hydraulically powered table traverse operating on hydrostatic, precisely hand scraped, and Turcite coated double V slideways, which maintains a perfect fit for the life of your grinder.
  • Auto Iubrication system the lubrication system continuously supplies re-circulated filtered lube oil to all slideways to prolong machines' life and provide smooth movement for accurate performance, low friction and stick-slip free.
  • Mitsubishi PLC control with conversational programming with selected canned cycles.
General Capacity
Table dimensions 300 x 600 400 x 800 500 x 1000
Max. grinding length 600 800 1000
Max. grinding width 300 400 500
Distance from table surface to spindle center line 550
Std. magnetic chuck size 300 400 x 800 500 x 1000
Longitudinal movement X-Axis
Manual traverse 700 900 1200
Hydraulic traverse 650 850 1150
Table speed (infi. Variable) 3-25 m/min
Cross movement Z-Axis
Rapid traverse 1000 mm/min
Automatic traverse increment 0.5 ~8 2 ~10
Automatic cross traverse 360 460 550
Manual cross traverse 370 470 560
Handwheel per graduation 0,02
Handwheel per revolution 5
Vertical downfeed Y-Axis
Automatic downfeed 0.0001~0.3
Handwheel per graduation MPG 0.0001/0.001/0.01
Handwheel per revolution MPG 0.01/0.1
Grinding wheel
Dia x width x bore 355 x 50 x 127
Spindle speed (60/50 Hz) 1800/1500 rpm
Spindle motor 5 HP (opt. 7.5 HP) 7.5 HP (opt. 10 HP)
Crossfeed motor 1/4 HP (6 P)
Elevating motor 1 kW
Hydraulic motor 2 HP (6 P)
Net weight 4050 kgs 4500 kgs 4800 kgs
Gross weight 4500 kgs 5100 kgs 5400 kgs
Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 2850 x 2250 x 2250 3030 x 2280 x 2550 3330 x 2280 x 2250