• The KNC-710 is a fully automatic CBN Saw Grinding Machine for production and regrinding with 4-axes CNC.
  • The CNC control has a 10.4” TFT display wide angle screen with graphics with simple input data to accomplish full automatic grinding.
  • Tooth and chamfer are automatically ground in one setup.
  • Grinding wheel speed is set at will by a frequency drive with selection of speed for roughing and finishing.
  • New saw blade duplication function just pressing the NEW button when another saw blade is installed
  • CBN wheels with diameter 150 mm
  • With a net weight of 2500 Kg the KNC-710 fully meets the requirement of stiffness and stability for regrinding or mass production of saw blades up to 710 mm diameter
  • As an option the machine can be equipped with a Marposs electronic probe for automatic positioning of the saw blade for the regrinding operation.
Saw blade diameter Ø45-Ø710 mm
Tooth form A-AW-B-BW-C-HZ-O
Max. Pitch 24 mm
Teeth range 10 - 998
Max. Saw blade thickness 6 mm
Wheel diameter Ø150 mm
Wheel bore Ø32 mm
Grinding wheel motor 2,2 kW
Coolant flow 75 l/min
Air pressure 4 – 6 bar
Total electric power 7,5 kW
Net weight 2500 Kg
Gross weight 2800 Kg
Packing dimensions 1730 x 2150 x 2450 mm