• Provides one micron particle filtration for improved surface finish.
  • Extends the life of grinding oil and wheels.
  • Increases grinding efficiencies and reduces cycle times.
  • Recovers materials for recyling.
  • Reduces machine maintenance.
  • Filter life expectancy of approximately 15,000 hours.
  • Customized systems designed to fit your machines and shop floor layout.
  • Systems available for use with both carbide and HSS.

The model FC-300 Micron Oil Filtration System filters grinding oil to a one micron particle size. Designed to integrate with most grinding, lapping and honing machines in use today, the FC-300 system provides continuous filtration, automatic backwash and clean oil on demand to the machines. An optional cooling system can be incorporated to ensure optimal grinding oil temperature. The filtration systems are not only designed to single & multiple, but also central to supply the use of complete plant.